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Paul G. Rubin, Ph. D.

Paul G Rubin



Dr. Paul G. Rubin (he/him) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy at the University of Utah. His research examines higher education policies aimed at improving college access and degree attainment, particularly for traditionally underrepresented populations, and the influence of state and institutional characteristics on the policy-making process. In a related strand of research, Dr. Rubin is interested in understanding the role and use of information and empirical research in federal and state policy-making. Dr. Rubin’s research agenda and interest in higher education draws on a professional career that includes stints in traditional and non-traditional areas of the field, including undergraduate and graduate admissions and financial aid, executive search, and policy. Prior to joining the University of Utah in 2018, Dr. Rubin was the recipient of an AERA Congressional Fellowship/AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship and served as an education and oversight fellow in the United States Senate.


Last Updated: 9/5/21