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Developing a Dual Enrollment Research Agenda



With funding from The Joyce Foundation and in partnership with Alex Perry from FLP Advisors, the purpose of this project is to examine existing dual enrollment/concurrent enrollment (DE/CE) evidence to clarify and articulate the existing DE/CE evidence base and help develop a forward-looking research agenda that can help advance more equitable DE/CE policies and programs. The project will assemble a small group of leading researchers and leaders/policymakers to help review the existing literature and contribute to the development of a DE/CE research agenda. The results of this work will be a White Paper that articulates a clear and cohesive research agenda for DE/CE. We expect this paper will provide the field a roadmap for future research, scholarship, and inquiry on DE/CE. We will also engage in several activities to ensure that the White Paper is widely circulated among the relevant research, funder, practitioner, and policymaker Communities.

Research Team

Dr. Jason L. Taylor

Willie Chen




Last Updated: 10/23/23