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The Landscape of Higher Education in Prison







What postsecondary educational opportunities are made available to incarcerated people? We began asking this question in 2015 and at that time, it was a difficult undertaking. This research examines and analyzes the provision of postsecondary education in U.S. carceral settings – prisons, jails, and detention centers for youth and adults. Led by the Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison, our research is anchored in a commitment to abolitionist praxis and addressing the most pressing issues facing incarcerated students and practitioners in the field. The University of Utah Prison Education Project, an on-site equity initiative at the Utah State Prison in Draper, was launched by undergraduate students at the University of Utah in 2016.

Research Team

Caisa Royer, JD, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Estefanie Aguilar Padilla, BS,
Masters Student
Kino Hurtado, MA,
Doctoral Student
Andy Eisen, PhD, UPEP Director



Last Updated: 4/27/23