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"Invest in U" Income Share Agreement Research

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ISA in the Media: See our ISA researchers Dr. Courtney H. McBeth and Dr. Jason L. Taylor featured in a EdSurge Article 

More Colleges Are Offering Income-Share Agreements. Are Students Buying In?EdSurge Article


In 2019, the University of Utah launched an Income Share Agreement (ISA) program called “Invest in U.” The ISA pilot program is designed to fill funding gaps so students can finish their degree. Once employed, students fulfill their ISA contracts by paying a small percentage of their earnings and payments go back into the Invest in U fund to support future students. A CHERP research team is conducting a mixed methods study to examine the impact of the Invest in U program, students’ experiences with the ISA program, and the implementation of the ISA program. Check back for updates on our research, publications, and presentations!

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Last Updated: 8/23/21