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Exploring the Experiences of Participants in Second
Chance Pell: Methodology, Appendix A

Author(s): Gaskill, S., Castro, E. L., & Aguilar Padilla, E.

Publisher: Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison

Year: 2022


With the expansion of Pell, there will be more colleges and universities entering the prison space. Despite increased visibility and celebration, there is much yet to learn about the facilitation of federal student aid in the form of Pell Grants to incarcerated people. Specifically, our team was interested in the perspectives of three main groups: students and alumni, practitioners of the prison higher education program, and administrators in higher education in the key offices of financial aid, admissions or enrollment management, and the registrar or related unit. We wanted to investigate what participants did regarding Pell, how they did it, and what they needed to do their work better. Additionally, we were invested in learning the academic progress of incarcerated Pell recipients and worked with college and university administrators to collect de-identified student-level data.


Last Updated: 10/26/22