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Urgent Research Questions

Author(s): Alex Perry, Jonh Fink, Sharmila Mann, Farhad Asghar, Adam Gamoran, Nick Mathern, Mark Baxter, Jonh Garcia III, Catherine McConnell, Maureen Carew, Matthew Giani, Jason Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Anne Hyslop, Bill Tucker, Christine Denecker, Kerrie Kerr, Joel Vargas, Julie Edmunds, Jim Kohlmoos, Tatiana Velasco, Chibuzo Ezeigbo, Sue Liu, Jacklyn Willard, Amy Williams

Invest In U a Case Study of Invest in U: The University of Utah's Income Share Agreement Program

Author(s): Courtney Hills McBeth, Jason L. Taylor, and Nile Brandt


Research Priorities for Advancing Equitable Dual Enrollment Policy and Practice

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor, Taryn Ozuna Allen, Brian P. An, Christine Denecker, Julie A. Edmunds, John Fink, Matt S. Giani, Michelle Hodara, Xiaodan Hu, Barbara F. Tobolowsky, Willie Chen

Mapping the Rise of LGBTQ+ Student Affairs: A 20 Year Review

Author(s): Antonio Duran, D. Chase Catalano, Jonathan T. Pryor, Jason L. Taylor, T. J. Jourian

State Higher Education Funding during COVID-19: Exploring State-Level Characteristics Influencing Financing Decisions

Author(s): Paul G. Rubin, Meredith S. Billings, Lindsey Hammond, Denisa Gándara

Exploring Experiences of Second Chance Pell Prison Higher Education Among Nine Second Chance Pell Sites

Author(s): Castro, E. L., Royer, C., Aguilar Padilla, E., & Gaskill, S.

What Does the FAFSA Simplification Act Address
for Incarcerated Applicants?

Author(s): Gaskill, S., Castro, E. L., & Aguilar Padilla, E.

Second Chance Pell Recipients at Four Institutions: A Brief Descriptive Analysis

Author(s): Aguilar Padilla, E., Castro, E. L., & Gaskill, S


Degrees When Due Case Study: Shasta College

Author(s): Paul Rubin, Sheena Kaupilla, Jason L. Taylor

Degrees When Due Case Study: Anoka-Ramsey Community College

Author(s): Paul Rubin, Sheena Kaupilla, Jason L. Taylor

Examining the Educational and Employment Outcomes of Reverse Credit Transfer

Author(s): Matt S. Giani, Jason L. Taylor, Sheena Kaupilla

Leveraging the Power of Pell in Prison: Equity Challenges in Scaling the Second Chance Pell Experimental Sites Initiative

Author(s): Caisa E. Royer, Erin L. Castro, Estefanie Aguilar Padilla, Tranquilo "Kino" Hurtado

Journal of Higher Education in Prison

Author(s): Erin Castro, Mary Gould, Breea Willingham

Ethics in Higher Education Promoting Equity and Inclusion Through Case-Based Inquiry

Author(s): Erin Castro, Rebecca M. Taylor, Ashley Floyd Kuntz


The PLA Boost: Results from a 72-Institution Targeted Study of Prior Learning Assessment and Adult Student Outcomes

Author(s): Rebecca Klein-Collins, Jason L. Taylor, Carianne Bishop, Peace Bransberger, Patrick Lane, Sarah Leibrandt

Borrowing Smarter or Borrowing More? Investigating the Effects of a Change in Federal Loan Policy

Author(s): Jason C. Lee, Erin B. Ciarimboli, Paul G. Rubin, Manuel S. González Canché

The SHEEO and Intermediary Organizations

Author(s): Erik G. Ness, James C. Hearn, Paul G. Rubin

The Landscape of Higher Education in Prison, 2018 - 2019

Author(s): Caisa E. Royer, Erin L. Castro, Edén Cortes-López, Mary R. Gould, Amy E. Lerman


A Rhetorical Analysis of Intermediary Organization Documents on College Completion Policy

Author(s): Lindsey Hammond, Philip Adams, Paul G. Rubin, Erik C. Ness

Rethinking LGBTQIA Students and Collegiate Contexts

Author(s): Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, Devika Dibya Choudhuri, Jason L. Taylor

Perceptions and Experiences of Diversity and Inclusion of Outdoor Educators in Higher Education

Author(s): Elizabeth Bond Rogers, Jason L. Taylor, Jeff Rose

The Landscape of Postsecondary Education in U.S. Prisons, 2019

Author(s): Erin L. Castro, Estefanie Aguilar Padilla, Caisa E. Royer

Understanding the Landscape of Higher Education in Prison Survey 2018-2019

Author(s): Erin L. Castro, Amy E. Lerman, Caisa E. Royer, Mary R. Gould


Designing the Promise: The Salt Lake Community College Promise Program

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor, Chuck W. Lepper

What is Academic Advising? An Application of Analytic Induction

Author(s): Joshua Larson, Anna Johnson, Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, Jason Barkemeyer


The Potential of Degree Reclamation: A Path to Reclaiming the Nation’s Unrecognized Students and Degrees

Author(s): Katherine Wheatle, Jason L. Taylor, Debra Bragg, Julie Ajinkya

Decoding the Digital Campus Climate for Prospective LGBTQ+ Community Colleges Students

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor, Kari J. Dockendorff, Kyle Inselman

Implementation and Outcomes of Credit When It's Due in 15 States

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor, Sheena A. Kauppila, Edén Cortez-Lopez, Maria Claudia Soler, Cari Bishop, Elizabeth Meza, Heather McCambly, Debra D. Bragg

Reverse Credit Transfer Guiding Principles

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor

CWID Data Note: Degree Types Awarded Via Reverse Credit Transfer

Author(s): Sheena A. Kauppila, Jason L. Taylor 


CWID Data Note: The Influence of Reverse Transfer Eligibility Requirements

Author(s): Sheena A. Kaupilla, Jason L. Taylor


State Dual Credit Policy: A National Perspective

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor, Victor H. M. Borden, Eunkyoung Park

A Preliminary Report of Advisor Perceptions of Advising and of a Profession

Author(s): Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, Anna Johnson, Joshua Larson, Jason Barkemeyer


An Examination of Campus Climate for LGBTQ Community College Students

Author(s): Jason C. Garvey, Jason L. Taylor, Susan Rankin

Dual Credit Funding Models in Illinois Community Colleges

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor, Deronsasha Fisher, Debra Bragg









Last Updated: 10/23/23