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Understanding the Landscape of Higher Education in Prison Survey 2018-2019

Author(s): Erin Castro, Caisa E. Royer, Amy E. Lerman, Mary R. Gould

Publisher: Alliance for Higher Education in Prison

Year: 2019


The Understanding the Landscape of Higher Education Prison Survey was designed as a confidential follow-up to respondents to the 2020 Annual Survey of Higher Education in Prison Programs. The response rate to the follow-up survey was 45.8% (n = 60). Data from the two surveys were combined to provide descriptive statistics about the programs participating in the Landscape Survey, including programs with higher education institutional affiliations and/or affiliations with prison, jails, or detention centers. The survey aimed to illuminate program demographics, program funding, use of technology, student enrollment, and program data collection and evaluation, and the associated challenges and opportunities. 

Last Updated: 7/18/22