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Assessing the Classroom "Space" for LGBTQ+ Students

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group

Year: 2019

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This chapter focuses on the classroom context and instructional space because it is a critical context for learning and development. Depending on the institutional type or type of student, some students’ only engagement in college occurs in the classroom context because they spend little, if any, time on campus. Literature on the intersection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) students and the classroom context is scarce, but the limited existing evidence offers insight into the experiences of LGBTQ+ students and how those experiences shape their learning, development, and academic success. The chapter provides practical solutions and recommendations for colleges and universities to improve the classroom climate and context to promote LGBTQ+ students’ learning and development. Qualitative research on faculty experiences with LGBTQ+ students provides useful insight into how faculty can support LGBTQ+ students. The perspectives and voices of students are also incredibly persuasive and powerful in understanding how faculty negatively influence LGBTQ+ students.

Last Updated: 8/23/21