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The SHEEO and Intermediary Organizations

Author(s): Erik G. Ness, James C. Hearn, and Paul G. Rubin

Publisher: Teachers College Press

Year: 2018

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While issues of higher education access, opportunity, and impact are hotly debated on the floors of Congress and in state legislatures, it is the state’s higher education executive officer (SHEEO) who is expected to be an innovative policymaker, an astute political actor, an all-seeing fortune-teller, and a rapid problem-solver. These professionals must achieve a balancing act between political agendas and academic freedom while ensuring that the institutions they represent are maximizing their contribution to the larger public good and preparing students to become contributing citizens. In this volume, scholars and practitioners come together to explore the position of the SHEEO. Chapters present historical investigations, original research, and reflections and advice for current and aspiring SHEEOs, their agency staff and boards, state policy leaders, and students of state policymaking and higher education. Each chapter ends with recommendations for the continuing study of, and attention to, the important role of the SHEEO.

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