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Postsecondary Transfer and Mobility in Michigan

Author(s): Jason L. Taylor

Publisher: Michigan Center for Student Success

Year: 2019


This report examines transfer and mobility in Michigan to understand how students successfully use community college transfer to progress toward their bachelor’s degree. I use a sample of 2015 bachelor’s degree graduates from all public and independent universities in Michigan who began college in 2009-2010 or later (n=37,353), allowing for six years of enrollment records to be analyzed (high quality postsecondary data were not available prior to 2009). Thus, it is important to consider that the results of these analyses should only be generalized to students who begin and complete college within six years. The report is organized into three sections: (1) Transfer Patterns and Types; (2) Transfer Programs; and (3) Transfer Places.

Last Updated: 8/23/21