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Transfer & Mobility


In the United States, nearly one in three first-time college students transfer at least once during their postsecondary career, and about 1 in 2 bachelor's degree recipients attended a community college at some point during their postsecondary journey. This line of scholarship aims to examine the impact of transfer and mobility at the state and institutional levels, and how transfer policies contribute to or address existing inequities in the transfer pipeline.

Degrees When Due and Degree Reclamation

CHERP researchers are leading the research agenda for the Degrees When Due (DWD) initiative, a national completion and equity initiative to help states and colleges increase degree attainment among the “some college, no degree” population. DWD seeks to build expertise, capacity, and infrastructure on campuses across the nation to get near-completers over the finish line. The CHERP research team is leading a multi-year mixed-methods study of the DWD initiative to examine the implementation and impact of DWD. 


Transfer Pathways and Policy in Michigan

CHERP researchers are partnering with the state of Michigan to provide data and analysis about their transfer population to inform ongoing transfer policy reform.

With the support of funding from the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN), CHERP researcher Dr. Jason Taylor partnered with the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) to examine transfer patterns pathways in Michigan.


With the support of the Teagle Foundation, CHERP researcher Dr. Jason Taylor partnered with the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) and Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities (MICU) to examine opportunities to strengthen transfer pathways between community colleges and independent institutions in Michigan.


Transfer Matters: Special Volume of Community College Review

In 2017, Community College Review published a special issue on transfer matters. The volume featured four articles published by transfer researchers who convened at AERA in 2016 to discuss transfer research. CHERP researcher, Dr. Jason Taylor, co-authored a literature review on transfer with Dr. Dimpal Jain (California State University, Northridge).

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Credit When It's Due (CWID)

Between 2014 and 2016, CHERP researchers co-led the research agenda (along with Debra Bragg at the University of Illinois) for the national Credit When It’s Due (CWID) Initiative, a 16-state effort that involved the development and implementation of reverse credit transfer. The research was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and we executed a three-phase research agenda that included a Baseline Study, Policy Implementation Study, and Impact Study.


Last Updated: 5/8/23