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Adult Reengagement & Success


Nearly one in five working age adults in the United States started college but did not complete it, or about 35 million Americans. CHERP researchers are studying how postsecondary education systems can evolve and change to meet the needs of adultsto reengage those students who left college without a degree and to ensure colleges and universities can support adult students when they return.

Degrees When Due and Degree Reclamation

CHERP researchers are leading the research agenda for the Degrees When Due (DWD) initiative, a national completion and equity initiative to help states and colleges increase degree attainment among the “some college, no degree” population. DWD seeks to build expertise, capacity, and infrastructure on campuses across the nation to get near-completers over the finish line. The CHERP research team is leading a multi-year mixed-methods study of the DWD initiative to examine the implementation and impact of DWD. 


Prior Learning Assessment

CHERP researchers partnered with the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education and the Council on Adult and Experiential Education to examine the outcomes Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) on adult student outcomes. The study involved a large, national sample of 72 institutions.

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Last Updated: 5/8/23